We believe that food nourishes the body, nurtures the spirit, and is essential for health and healing.

Our Research focuses on helping people adopt diet and other lifestyle changes that can help prevent and control diseases like cancer. We are now offering counseling services to the public.

For more information about health & lifestyle, you can listen to recent interviews with Vicky Newman.

View recent presentations by Vicky from the Wellness Lecture Series:

  • Fighting Cancer with Your Fork 1/08
  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT – Healing Food to Savor 3/10
  • Does An Acid-Producing Diet Affect Our Health? 4/10
  • Brain Tumor Patient and Caregiver: Nutrition 4/11
  • FOOD FOR THOUGHT – Healthy Food to Savor 3/12
  • Living for Longevity – The Nutrition Connection 4/13

Participate in our Research Studies and learn more about the Women’s Healthy Eating & Living Study (WHEL) and our other Research. You will benefit personally and also help others by contributing to our knowledge about how diet and physical activity promotes health and prevents/controls disease.

Our counselors provide personalized support and guidance adapted to your own eating and lifestyle preferences. Join our Healthy Eating Telephone Counseling Program to Food for Thought Booktake advantage of our experienced counseling staff who will help you adopt diet and lifestyle practices that will optimize your health and prevent disease.

For tasty recipes and practical nutrition tips, purchase our “more than a cookbook” Food for Thought: Healing Foods to Savor.

Our Nutrition Lectures, emphasizing foods with BIG color and BIG flavor, highlight the healing power of food. Listen to KPBS “These Days” interview with Vicky Newman, MS, RD, who teaches these classes. We also offer cooking classes in the Healing Foods Kitchen to help you to learn how nutritious food can be both delicious and easy to prepare