Personalized Telephone Counseling

The Healthy Eating Program offers a Personalized Telephone Counseling program designed to help you adopt a diet that will promote health and fight disease. Based on research conducted, our dietary counseling program has been proven successful with over 3,000 participants.

Convenient—counseling calls by telephone scheduled to suit your busy lifestyle.
Detailed—in-depth analysis of your food and nutrient intake.
Personalized—guidance from your own dietary counselor.
Individualized—counseling tailored to meet your own eating preferences.
Practical—suggestions on HOW to change your eating behavior.
Satisfying—easy recipes and tips for purchasing and preparing tasty meals quickly.
Enjoyable–enjoy delicious foods rich in the nutrients your body needs.

A nutritious diet can help you look and feel better, and also help in weight control. All consultations are by telephone and each participant has their own Personal Dietary Counselor. The Healthy Eating Telephone Counseling Program is focused on simple, healthy, inexpensive, and delicious foods that are readily available. Specialty food products and/or dietary supplements are not necessary for participation.

Services Offered

Dietary Analysis with Mailed Report & Consultation
2 calls (20-30 min/call). First call with Dietary Assessor to record your dietary intake. Second call with Dietary Counselor to discuss results Computerized Analysis. Includes mailed report with detailed analysis.

Personalized One-on-One Counseling (4-Call Package)
4 calls with Dietary Counselor (30-40 min/call) in 3-4 weeks. Includes educational materials & self-monitoring tools.

Personalized One-on-One Counseling (8-Call Package)
8 counseling calls (30-40 min/call) in 12 weeks. Includes educational materials & self-monitoring tools.

Comprehensive Program (Personalized Counseling + Detailed Dietary Analysis
2 calls (20-30 min/call), including mailed reports with detailed analysis (at beginning and end of program so you can measure change). 9 counseling calls (30-40 min/call) in 12-16 weeks. Includes educational materials & self-monitoring tools, plus our book Food for Thought—Healing Foods to Savor (“more than a cookbook”)

PLEASE NOTE: This program is focused on supporting good health and is not intended to treat medical conditions. For medical nutrition therapy, we encourage you to request a referral to the Registered Dietitian affiliated with your health care organization. You can also locate a Registered Dietitian in private practice in your area by going to and clicking on “Find a Nutrition Professional” in the upper right corner of the webpage